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Tiny Themes:

Pocket-sized memories. Tiny islands. Little maps. A very short way home. Microscopic moments. I shrunk the... Small secrets. Trivial retrospectives. Narrow passageways. Sketchbooks for rats



Order a tiny sketchbook, fill it up, and send it back to us to be a part of the world’s largest (tiniest) collection of artist sketchbooks! We had this crazy idea to create a mobile exhibit of mini sketchbooks and travel around the world with them...all packed up in an unassuming suitcase that pops out into a full mini library that can reside in any sized exhibition space. Well, like a lot of our wild ideas...we decided to make this one a reality!

Anyone - from anywhere in the world - can be a part of the project.

You’ll have two options - a Tiny-Standard or Tiny-Digitized book. Standard books live permanently within our brick and mortar exhibition space, Brooklyn Art Library. Digitized books also live within our library and have their own URL's in our Digital Library. Over half of our collection is on display in our Digital Library and it's accessible to anyone.

The Tiny Sketchbook Project is just like our regular Sketchbook Project, but even cuter!

These are FIVE REASONS to join this limited edition project:

  • Your book will travel and take part in an international exhibition in our Library Suitcase!

  • It’s a low time commitment - a great entryway into The Sketchbook Project or quick fun project for those of you who have already participated!

  • This is a limited edition project, only 2,500 tiny sketchbooks have been made!

  • This is our first time EVER creating a mini component to our project, so be one of the first artists.

  • It’s one of a kind and!


USA: Free
Canada: $7
International: $10


Your book is unique - And trackable

Your sketchbook will be given a unique six-digit barcode - this allows us to keep track of your book and record who views it at every tour stop and while it's in our library. Artists will be able to log into their accounts and see real time statistics about their book - just like our regular sized sketchbooks!

An alternative audience for your work

Our checkout process fuses digital and analog ways of discovering artwork. After searching our catalog, visitors select books to view in an interactive experience. Make sure to add your social media handle or URL in your book so visitors can follow your work.

Your work, on display

Your work will live indefinitely at Brooklyn Art Library next to all of our 40,000+ regular sized sketchbooks. Our system is democratic and allows for all books to have a chance to be viewed. Make sure you send your family and friends on their next NY trip.

Tag and catalog your book

Artists can attach as many searchable tags and keywords to their books as they want, helping visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for in our tailored and intentional check-out experience. The more search terms you add to your book, the better


Help us build a creative resource

In completing a tiny sketchbook, you’re adding your voice to a new archive of creative material built by a diverse community of global artists. There is value in every book in our collection, and each book has a story to tell. This is the first iteration of The Tiny Sketchbook Project, so you’re contributing to something brand new!



Each artist is sent the same  2.33”x1.66” blank custom sketchbook. It’s the same shape and dimensions of our usual sketchbook, just pared down to be one third the size. We've got the same rules as The Sketchbook Project: first, the book must be used in some way - no sending us back an empty book or a completely different book! Second, the sketchbook must stay within its original dimensions (this is going to be a fun challenge, we promise).

Each book will be given a barcode so we can easily catalog it into Brooklyn Art Library's system. Yes, after your tiny sketchbook travels the world it will end up back home with the rest of our 40,000 sketchbooks. Once we catalog your book, you’ll be able to track where it travels, how often it is viewed and how many times someone pulls it from the shelf - we want to make sure you can stay connected with your sketchbook!




Brooklyn Art Library is the largest collection of sketchbooks in the world. Housing over 41,000 sketchbooks on our shelves and over 20,000 in our digital library, we fuse the digital with the analog to create a one of a kind experience for all of our artists and visitors.

The Tiny Sketchbook Project will be housed inside Brooklyn Art Library, with our 2,500 tiny sketchbooks nestled in among the thousands of others.

Crowd-sourced from every corner of the globe, we’re changing the way creative people share their work while creating a worldwide community resource.



We are building a tiny sketchbook library and heading overseas.





 One of the largest limitations we’ve had in the past is an inability to travel overseas with our sketchbooks. Touring with each year’s collection of sketchbooks has always been important to us, as we love expanding the audience of The Sketchbook Project beyond those who can travel to Brooklyn to see our full library in person. But the costs are enormous, and the logistics sometimes a little overwhelming.

We are so excited to build a miniature library that can be brought with us on our travels abroad. This spring we’re taking our custom-built mini library of sketchbooks on a European adventure. Every tiny sketchbook mailed back to us by the postmark deadline of January 15th will be included on this tour, before heading  back to its permanent home at Brooklyn Art Library.





Tiny Deadline:

ORDER BY: December 5th, 2018 / POSTMARK BY: Feb 15th, 2019


+ Can anyone participate?

Yes! All books are accepted into the collection. We do not jury any of the work.

After you order a book, we'll mail you a package containing an official Tiny Sketchbook with a unique 6-digit B# on it and detailed instructions about the project.

+ How do I gift someone a sketchbook?

Easy peasy! Even if you order a sketchbook with your personal credit card, have it shipped to your personal address, etc., the sketchbook can be registered to whomever you choose. Each sketchbook comes with its own unique 6-digit B# that is registered by its author regardless of who originally purchased it.

+ A few basic rules for creating your sketchbook.

Your book must remain within its original dimensions. It can open up to something wonderful (of any size), but it must fold down to its original size. You are welcome to unbind, rebind or alter the book in (almost) any other way. If you want to use a thicker stock of paper, go for it! Your book must stay thinner than an inch when closed. Please remember that these Tiny Sketchbooks will be delicate, due to their size, so consider this when choosing materials to use with them.

Your B# should not be covered up. An altered or unreadable label means we have to disqualify you from the project. Please contact us if you damage your barcode.

Don't forget that your sketchbook is traveling and being held - please try to avoid the use of ties that can come undone, random plastic things that may fall off in transit, art materials that could smudge (like acrylic and gesso paint), glitter and any hazardous materials. Your book should be durable and be able to withstand normal wear and tear.

+ Tell me about the blank sketchbook that I’ve ordered.

Your book comes with a six-digit B number on the back cover of your sketchbook that is unique to you!

Each book has 15 pages. 30 back and front.

+ Tell me about the Themes.

The list of Tiny Sketchbook themes is found in your directions leaflet that comes with your book. The themes are supposed to be a starting point, not a restriction, so don't feel smothered by them. You will have the option to select your theme later when you connect your book, or opt not to use one of the themes we have given you. It's all up to you!

We have a major respect for artist ownership. By submitting to the project, you still retain ownership of your work. We own the physical sketchbook, but your work is your work. You do grant a license to use it as needed for the project, but we do our best to make sure you are always credited. We have NO plans to ever sell the original work, however, if that ever did come up, we MUST contact you with a responsible amount of time for you to respond. PLEASE REVIEW THE FULL TERMS

+ When do I connect my book?

You can connect your book anytime between when you receive it and before you send it back.

An account is not created when your book is ordered, you get to create one at and then you will be prompted to connect a book.

Use your unique six-digit B# under on the back of your book to connect it.

If you have already created an account in the past, you can connect your book at

+ I’m part of a (school, art, bookmaking, etc.) group and we want to order a pack of books together.

Well you’re in luck! Sketchbook packs of five or more automatically come with a 20% discount! Email us at and we'll send you an invoice.

+ I'm ready to send my book back.

Make sure to create an account and connect your book first! Feel free to send your book back earlier than the postmark deadline. Late books will not be a part of the traveling experiences but will be added to the shelves of our permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library. We promise we'll let you know when we have received your completed sketchbook at Brooklyn Art Library when we are able. Please don't email us asking if we received your book. We receive a veritable ton of books in the mail every day, and checking them in by hand can be a very long process!

We recommend sending it with delivery confirmation or using UPS. We do our best to be available to sign for packages, however we cannot guarantee it.

+ What happens after I send my book back?

After the postmark due date, we'll catalog all the Tiny Sketchbooks and start our international tour! When they arrive back in Brooklyn, they'll be permanently housed with the rest of our sketchbooks at Brooklyn Art Library. Everyone who sends their completed sketchbook back in time will have their book included, and later cataloged into our permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library. All dates and cities for the pop-ups, tours and other exhibits are subject to change.


+ How long will it take for my sketchbook to be digitized?

Due to the size of our staff, we tend to digitize all the books at once after the postmark deadline has passed. We cannot promise your book will be digitized prior to then.

If you ordered digitizing separately after sending in your standard book, we will digitize your book with the next batch that we digitize. For example, if you send us a Tiny Sketchbook after the deadline, it will be digitized with the first batch of 2019 books we digitize.

We’re a small team (of five) and every digitized sketchbook is processed manually and scanned by hand, so we really appreciate your patience!

+ Can I add digitizing to my standard book later?

You can add digitizing later, however, we recommend getting it when you order your book. Depending on the amount of books we have, your book will be added to the end of the queue so it may be digitized when we digitize the next challenge’s batch of books.

+ Digital Library FAQ's

All the books that have been purchased with digitizing are digitized after the deadline. We cannot digitize your book earlier than that. We are a small staff and need to do it all at once. Please allow six to eight weeks after the deadline for your book to appear online. Please don't email us about it until after that time.

We CANNOT digitize books vertically. It doesn't work that way. We will not refund your money if that is what you were expecting. All 20,000 other books are horizontal.

Though it seems high tech, our digitizer is old and tired. Just let us know if something looks off, we don't do it on purpose, things happen, we are only robots, I mean people...

If the book you are viewing seems dark, try refreshing the page and the book should then appear light again.



+ How do you ship?

We ship via USPS to help lower shipping costs and allow for free shipping to our domestic participants. That means, we do have a small % of books that get lost in transit. We will happily resend your book at no cost to you after two weeks of ship date for domestic orders and six weeks after ship date for international orders. For all international orders, we will send you a USPS tracking number in your confirmation shipment email so that you can watch where your package is on its journey to you!

+ I just got notified that my order shipped. Where can I track the delivery status of my package?

If you still haven’t received your order two weeks after your shipping notification for domestic orders and six weeks for international orders, shoot us an email and we will connect you to the USPS tracking link for your package and resend if needed.